Overnight Infant Care

Having professional support as you transition into the next phase of your growing family  can be everything your family needs to feel nourished and rested. As a postpartum doula and infant care specialist I am there for you and your family through the wee hours of the night,  shifts include 8 hours of continuous support (typically from 9pm-5am, 10pm-6am or 11pm-7am) for you and your family. My support will look different for every familly, but usually includes infant feeding support or coverage, infant and/or sibling care so you get a stretch of uninterrupted sleep, emotional and nutritional support & ....


I can be available for Overnight Infant Care shifts 1-7 nights a week, for 1 week or many months. 


Encouraging healthy sleep habvits for parent(s) and infant


Assistance and/or coverage of nighttime infant feeding


A rested and nourished parent can connect