Professional Postpartum Doula Services


Mother holding her baby for the first time

The first few days are filled with special moments.


Meet Your Needs!

As a Postpartum Doula I am trained to support you and your newest family member.  I am here to help with whatever you may need at the moment. Fmailies benefit from help with meal preparation, newborn care, feeding, and development, and the promotion of parent-infant bonding. I can come into your home during your fourth trimester to provide education, non-judgemental support and companionship; and to assist with newborn care and family adjustment, meal preparation and light household tasks. I can offer evidence-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing and coping skills for "new" parents. My role is of non-medical support. I offer a variety of flexible scheduling options including full days, 3-4 hour shifts and weekends.

*My signature shift is from 5-9am. Mom (and Dad) can get a few hours sleep and start your day off right with a shower and hot breakfast!* 

Father sleeping with newborn baby.
Bonding over a few hours of rest.

Why hire a postpartum doula in Asheville?

*Because you are dreaming of "normal" sleep while your newborn is cared for and your
*You are interested in extra support feeding your newborn. Early breastfeeding and bottle-feeding can be consuming.
*To be nurtured by someone outside your immediate family while you nurture your newborn.
*Because you would like help with household tasks while you care for and bond with your infant.
*You are a information junkie that is interested in discussing all the latest evidence-based research on everything parenting.
*For help with the basics like eating, drinking and bathing. Sometimes it's the little things.

Meet Your Needs! Add Professional Labor Support To Your Team.

Want to read more about Postpartum Doulas? Here is a link to a PDF file - DONA International Postpartum Doula Position Paper.