Professional Distance Doula Service Available

As a professional doula I am honored to be a part of a family’s support system throughout pregnancy, labor/birth and into their postpartum time at home. I enjoy the strength of the connections we form in a short period and am re-fueled to be there with woman during their moments of power and grace. I often wish I could be more places at once, especially when close friends and family are having babies in other cities, states or countries and I can’t hop in the car and offer my continuous in-person support. I found myself spending a lot of time over email, text, skype/facetime with friends and family all over the country and was able to offer similar support in many ways to my local clients. This birthed my “Distance Doula Package” that is available from anywhere you have a phone or internet service. This professional service is has been a nice addition to woman and their families that are looking to have a doula in their back pocket, but aren’t interested or in need of the hands-on support. You can Contact Me with any questions or Reserve Your Birth Month online today to have continuous, on-call doula support wherever you go.

270 thoughts on “Professional Distance Doula Service Available

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