Overnight Doula Services

Overnight Doula Services

Family sleep support

Nightime is for sleep, that's my motto. I will be there to support you and the other members of your family to have restful sleep. I am there to give you peace of mind and helping with all the little things so the adults sleep while working with your infant on safe sleep habits and routines. I am not a sleep trainer, but work with families to come up with plans that follow safe sleep guidelines and work towards your family's sleep goals.

Professional Guidance

Have you ever had a million questions you would love to ask someone in the middle of the night? I will be there for you to listen and offer evidence based information when asked. Sharing your thoughts and processing with a professional can be helpful during this parenting journey. Don't wait any longer to look for a night doula near you. Call me and I will help you find a overnight sleep plan that works for you and your baby.

Benefits of sleep

There are endless studies I can share that have shown that a decent night's sleep can be used to prevent and treat a variety of mental, emotional and physical symptoms and conditions. It will be a important day when doctors and therapists "prescribe" a good nights sleep to new parents.

Infant Feeding SUpport

I will be there to assist with all feedings while I'm with you. Anything goes in this department, I am there to support you and your family. I can bring you your child that feeds on-demand, bottle feed formula or breastmilk (chestmilk) or a combination of all of the above. We can do what's working for you, or come up with new goals together.

evidence based INfant care

Leave the little things to me for the night. All the rocking, singing, swaying, diaper changing and settling are in my hands for the night.

Start the morning out right

Are you the type of parent that would benefit from someone preparing breakfast while you take a shower in the morning? You can choose how we end our shifts in the morning. After a full nights sleep, this has to be too good to be true.

Choose the perfect plan

I am hear to work with you to come up with a personalized plan to pay for the professional services you are requesting. I offer payment plans, give discounts for prepaying for services and work with each client individually. As with parenting, no two situations are comparable. Let me know what works for you or we can come up with a plan together. If you have family and friends interested in supporting you, contact me about how we can set up a email and/or web page to help fund the support you need. 


Per hour


Per hour

Frequently asked questions

There are no typical nights as a postpartum doula that supports all families where they are that day, but there are some similarities we can discuss. My goal is to provide the parents and their baby the in-person support they need during the night hours. For most families that includes me assisting with feedings, diaper changes and comforting the infant. I am also there to help with baby household duties like bottle washing, infant laundry and 

I am available for day and overnight shifts as a postpartum doula. The overnight shifts I offer are for a minimum of 8 hours and start no later than 11:00pm and finish after 6:00am. An average shift could be from 10pm-6am or 11pm-7am. 

We can discuss the specific needs of your family, but many families benefit from 2-3 nights a week for a few months. Some more, some less.

I am available for you and your baby throughout my shift with you. After my responsibilities have been met, I will rest when your baby is sleeping.

I became a postpartum doula to support growing families during the first year of their child’s time with them. Many families look to professionals during this time and providing this level of personalized and in-person support can be beneficial to all families that have the resources and ability to hire me. It is a privilege to be connected with families during this time of growth and I see the direct benefits with every client I work with. In the past 10 years as a postpartum doula I have supported 100+ families. Last year alone I personally worked 1,500 hours with new families in  Asheville and our surrounding mountain area. I love my job and the families I support. 

Whether you have other questions or are ready to sign up for services tonight… Let’s Connect