Postpartum Doula Services

POstpartum doula services

In-person Support

I will work with you in the comfort of your home during the days, weeks and months following the arrival of your child. I provide professional, reliable inclusive and non-judgemental care.

Daily INfant Care

Let me take care of all the little things that add up each day when it comes to taking care of your baby like diaper changes, comforting/entertaining your baby or other siblings in the home and/or assisting with daily routines.

Evidence Based Care

I am trained to provide up-to-date evidence based care and resources. I am able to assist you with routines and resources that are specific to your families needs.

Reliable and flexible

I am able to provide reliable and flexible services that will meet your families needs. I am a independent doula, but work with a network of other professionals.

Trained Professional

I am a experienced and trained professional. You can check out more about me on my Learn About Your Doula page.

The magic of Support

A little (or a lot) of support can go a long way in supporting and maintaining the health of your family. You don't have to be in this alone. Give yourself the gift of professional support.

Choose the perfect plan

As a professional postpartum doula I provide in-person services to new and growing families during each of their children’s first year. As a independent contractor I charge for my services by the hour. Specific dates can be reserved in advance or you can choose an estimated amount of hours and we can make a tentative schedule that works for you. I understand that plans change for everyone, even more so for families with young ones and I will do my best to be flexible within my abilities.


Per hour

Frequently asked questions

A postpartum doula supports new and growing families in their homes as they transition though the first year of their parenting journey (with each of their children). They support the parents and the baby…

My rates for in-person postpartum doula services range from $25-30 per hour for professional and reliable support. 

I am a independent professional that is hired by individual families. There are no limits to the services I offer, but I do follow evidence-based recommendations and regulations as set by national and international organizations. I am not a medical professional and do not offer any medical advice or services, but I will assist you to find the local and online resources that can benefit you and your family. If your families needs go beyond the services I offer I am able to refer you to the local resources you need to help you continue to get the rest and support you need to be a thriving family.

The postpartum doula shifts I offer have a wide variety of options. They are all based on my current availability and personal boundaries. I offer daytime and overnight services. There is a 3 hour minimum for shifts, with an 8 hour minimum for overnight shifts. Overnight shifts must begin by 11pm and not end before 6am. You can choose one day (night) of care or 24/7 for months. Let’s connect to see if professional postpartum support would benefit you and your family.

No, I am not a sleep consultant and don’t offer any sleep training services. I can assist your family to get more sleep and work towards their safe sleeping and feeding goals or implement safe sleep plans.

As a postpartum doula I am there to support families during the first year of each of their children’s lives. We will come up with a plan that meets your families goals, with flexibility in each shift to account for any unpredictable daily needs. For some families that has included infant care, infant feeding implementation & education, light household cleaning & organizing, baby (sibling) support while parents rest, meal planning/shopping/preparing/cooking, emotional and educational support and/or assistance with other current household needs. No judgement here, I’m there for you and your family. 

Whether you have more questions or are ready to sign up for professional postpartum support today,  Let’s Connect.